SVH3 Mismanagement
Grand Master Worm gins (at) thirasystems.com
Grand Mattress Golden Snowball goldensnowballhhh (at) gmail.com
Hare Raiser Bees for Knees meetsuziefarrell (at) gmail.com
Religous Advisor Stickless ralph (at) eschenbach1982.com
Hash Cash & Beermeister Comes in a Bottle russel.martin (at) sbcglobal.net

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Grand Poobah Nothing Interesting badpirate (at) gmail.com
Religous Advisor  volunteer?
Hare Raiser  volunteer?

SVH3 Web Page

Web Master Uncle Festering Sore webmaster (at) svh3.com
Drunk Circle Nothing Interesting badpirate (at) gmail.com
Needful Things Worm gins (at) thirasystems.com

Mismanagement duties:

Grand Mistress/Master – administer down-downs and does any planning.
Hare Raiser – Seeks Hare Volunteers aggressively.
Religous Advisor – lead the hash in song that the Joint Masters don’t do (for example: Father Abraham).
Hash Cash – collect the hash money.
Beer Meister – buys/brings the beer/munchies.
Hot Line – Keep answering machine run list updated
Email – Makes & sends run information via email
Web Master – Keeps web page updated.